Write For Us

We believe that we will be limiting the potential of our platform if we only depend on our writers. There are expert writers around the world who need a platform to share their ideas related to any niches. We’d like to give them a platform to write on. But their writing needs to meet a small guideline that we have mentioned below–

  • Please send us only the content that is cent percent genuine. We don’t publish plagiarised content. 
  • Don’t make the title too big or too small. Anything between 60 to 64 characters is fine. 
  • Small content is of no use to us. Make sure to atleast make the content consist of 1000 words minimum. 
  • H2 and H3 tags help the readers; we recommend you to use them on your content. 
  • Please do not indulge in any grammatical errors in your articles. 
  • We accept you adding a short author bio within the word limits of 40 words. 
  • You can add images that are free of royalties to your content. 
  • You can add the author’s website without a follow tag. But, if you want to add a do-follow tag then you can contact us. 
  • We don’t accept content related to adult websites or gambling sites. 

Our editors will verify your article and check it if it meets the guidelines we have.  We can move towards publishing it afterwards. For any further queries you can fill out our contact form or email us at webmaster@redhatmedia.net